Welcome to Quest!

    2019 - 2020

    Quest is a program designed for the intellectutally gifted student. This program supports the outcome categories in the Mississippi Gifted Education Program.  Units of study are designed to meet the needs of the students with  more elaborate, complex and indepth study.  These units take into consideration areas of interest of the students.

    Students participate in activities which increase critical and creative thinking and expression, the scientific method, both written and oracl communication, problem solving skills, and research and technology.

    Quest students will particapate in these activities one day each week for five hours.  They will be a part of their homeroom classes for music, library, computer, art and physical education.

    Celebrating Sring!

    King Cakes King Cakes



    What is your passion?

    We are discovering more about ourselves as we explore our passion.  From endanged animals  to cancer research to cleaning up our enviroment, our passions can make a difference in a global society. Stay tuned for pictures and projects!


    Swing set challenge Swingset challenge

    Swing set Challenge  


    New Stage



    Cookies Cookies Cookies Cookies Cookies Cookies Cookies Cookies Cookies Cookies

    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

    Friday Monday Wednesday

    Turkey Traps

    Saving Timothy Turkey

    Trapping Timothy Turkey Trapping Timothy Turkey

    Creative Writing

    Writing Writing Writing

    Game Makers


    Promote the Vote!

    Promote the vote Promote the vote


    Sink or Float!

    Sink or Float Candy Sink candy Sink or Float Candy

    Sink or float

    Making Snow!

    What is snow?  What does snow feel like? Is snow always wet?  Is snow always cold?  

    Snow snow

    Shelters and Static (lightning)

    Static Shelters Shelters

    Experimenting!  Surface Tension

    Surface Tension Surface Tension

    Quest makes us smile!

    Monday Week 1 Tuesday Week 1



    Gifted Day at the Mississippi State Capitol!

    Quest at the Capitol