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    2019 - 2020

    Quest is a program designed for the intellectutally gifted student. This program supports the outcome categories in the Mississippi Gifted Education Program.  Units of study are designed to mee the needs of the students with  more elaborate, complex and indepth study.  These units take into consideration areas of interest of the students.

    Students participate in activities which increase critical and creative thinking and expression, the scientific method, both written and oracl communication, problem solving skills, and research and technology.

    Quest students will particapate in these activities one day each week for five hours.  They will be a part of their homeroom classes for music, library, computer, art and physical education.


    Quest Class

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    Monday Week 1 Tuesday Week 1


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    Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday




    Mindware Mindware Mindware

    Breaking news!

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     Lego maze Lego Maze

    Lego Maze Lego Maze


    Brain Station


    Fixed Mindset


    Snake Snatchers      Snake snatcher    Snake snatcher



    Quest at the Capitol


    Aligator        Aligator




    creative writing


    Quest Olympics            Quest Olympics




    Chemistry      Exploding Art   


    Thank you Lane Bryant     Thank You


    100 Day Challenge        !00 Lego     Lego challenge




    Mystery Bag Challenge                 Mystery Bag Challenge





    snowman           Snow



    cookies         Cookies

    Shelby         More cookies


    Grinch heart           Grinch



    P and L      C G and G



    Timothy      Saving Timothy     We saved Timothy


    Candy Corn STEM     Candy Corn


    Silly Invention




    Friday Monday

    Thursday Wednesday



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    Sink or float?



    Success             Success

    Rocking chair



    Brain statioins


    spaghetti tower


    Winning team

    Paper chaing makers



    Think before you move!


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