• COVID-19 UPDATE - Mr. Young's Physical Science and AP Physics

    Greetings! I hope everyone is well and safe during these trying times. As you already know, all public schools in Mississippi are closed down until April 17th due to the threat of COVID-19. The Pearl Public School District (PPSD) is currently implementing several distance learning solutions in order to allow students to continue their education. Digital packets for my Physical Science and AP Physics classes can be found near the bottom of the page at this link. Please understand that the health and safety of students and their families are of utmost importance. Therefore, the work provided is currently more of a review than new material. Please feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions or need any assistance.


  • Jason R. Young - AP Physics, Physical Science, and The PHS RPG Club

    Greetings, Students and Parents!

    My name is Jason R. Young and welcome to my humble page.  Here you will find important information pertaining to the classes that I teach as well as possibly learn a little science yourself.  

    AP PHYSICS - Physics is the study of motion and energy.  Some of the topics that will be covered in this course include motion, vectors, forces, momentum, work and energy, gravity, circular and rotational motion (no, they are not the same), waves and sound, and electricity.  This course, while often entertaining, requires well-developed algebra-based math skills, critical thinking and analysis skills, and the ability to "do", not just "know".

    PHYSICAL SCIENCE - Physical Science is a combination of basic chemistry and basic physics.  Some of the topics that will be covered in this course include science skills, matter, chemical and physical properties and changes, chemical reactions, motion, forces, momentum, work and energy, waves, light, and electricity.

    THE PEARL HIGH SCHOOL ROLE-PLAYING GAME (PHS RPG) CLUB - Now starting its fourth semester, the PHS RPG Club is an after-school club where interested students can come together and play role-playing games and various board and card games that often accompany the RPG hobby. While this club sounds like a purely "social" activity, role-playing games have been known to teach and reinforce math and reading skills, problem solving skills, and interpersonal skills, all in a fun and relatively laid-back atmosphere.