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    I am excited to be your facilitator. Every student who walks through my doors has the ability to handle the work I expect from them. Materials needed are at least an inch binder or 4 paper folders with pockets and prongs, plenty of loose-leaf paper, a white board marker with eraser (for sudent use only), and writing utensils. Daily agendas are listed on my board. I strongly advise students to write this material down in their notebook, as the student is accountable for the material it entails. I will accept nothing less than the best from my students. Excellence is expected every day. I currently teach two courses. Please click on the link to the left for detailed information.



  • About Me

        I am beginning my twentieth year of teaching. I have taught first grade self-contained, 6th grade IBMYP Mathematics and Science, Physical Science, Algebra I, Algebra II, Biology I, Biology II, Introduction to Biology, Genetics, Zoology, Anatomy and Physiology, S.O.A.R., and Biomedical  Research.

    I will tutor any student that needs additional instruction time as long as the student is constructively cooperating in all classroom activities. 

    Tutoring before school (7:45 a.m.-8:15 a.m.) or after school (3:30 p.m.-4:15 p.m.) Tuesdays and Thursdays. BRAVO tutoring and make-up work/tests protocol: Students must get a note from me before each date or before 8:15 a.m. Students must drop off the note to their homeroom teacher and make it to my room by the tardy bell. 


    Classroom Expectations

        Excellence is expected. There are four Golden Rules for my classroom:  Rule # 1: Results and responsibilities not excuses;  Rule # 2: Respect others and their belongings;  Rule # 3: Be here on time with materials and work while you are here; and  Rule # 4: Keep your work area clean at all times. Consequences for breaking rules: 1st verbal warning, 2nd writing punishment, 3rd parent contact and detention, 4th office referral. If a student severally disrupts the learning process of other students, he or she will be immediately removed from my room and referred to administration. To define Rule #1 more clearly, I do not accept excuses for sleeping, missing deadlines, or not making-up work including tests missed during an absence for any reason outside of the allotted time. (1 day missed: 2 days to make-up work; 2 days missed: 4 days to make-up work; 3 or more days missed: 5 days to make-up work. A student will receive a zero for any uncompleted work not submitted to the teacher under the predetermined formula. No student work will be accepted after the deadline.) I will allow students to re-test on one test within one week of the original testing date. Electronic devices are to be used for instructional purposes and with the permission of the teacher. Electronic devices used for other purposes or without the permission from the teacher will be collected and submitted to the office per school policy. Students are allowed 1 restroom pass per term. Any other personal business should be handled at the change of class, or have a doctor's note on file in the nurse's office. If a student misses more than 8 days in a year long course, he or she is in danger of losing credit for the course. I strongly feel students need to be in the classroom to receive optimal instruction.