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    This Week's Agenda: 

    Our biggest priorities this week and next week are as follows:

    1 - Finish reading I am Malala and discussing 

    2 - Finish our DGP on Parts of Speech and take a test on that material.

    3 - Do some Cold Read quizzes and tests as practice to prepare for our semester exam (which is a Cold Read) the week after next.


    Do your Extra Credit!  We went over this BEFORE Thanksgiving Break.  Doing this Extra Credit is the easiest way to bring your average up here at the end of the 9 weeks before we take our Exam (which itself is worth 20% of your overall average for the whole semester). 


    Exam Week - December 16-20, 2019

    We will be discussing this week in greater detail once we get closer to it.  I have a copy of the exam week schedule in my room that you can take a picture of if you would like.


    I promise to do . . . 

     Whatever it takes

    to help you succeed in English I!


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