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Mrs. Heather Giles

Update:  Monday, April 6th....*Special Request!  If you can, would you click on my "helpful resources" tab and try to take the ecology pretest for Ms. Cook's DSU assignment.  This will in no way have any effect on your grade but it would be so appreciated!  Ms. Cook needs to finish this semester so she can graduate in May.  All who can, please help!  Plus, this our "ecology" unit which was our only unit left to cover when the crisis occurred.  This will be a wonderful way for you to learn about ecology!  Here's what I need you to do:

1)  Click on the "helpful resources" tab.

2)  Click where it says "click here for pretest".

3)  Take test and send a pic of your answers to my email.

4)  Then, watch Ms. Cook's video on the "link" below.  If you click the "link" it will take you straight to her video.  The video is only about 14 minutes in length.

Thanks to ALL who can participate.  We love and MISS you!  Ms. Cook and Mrs. Giles :)  


 Biology & Honors Biology

Hi yall!  I'm really missing you during this national crisis!  I want you all to stay safe and know that I can't wait to see you again.  I have updated my website so that you can work through your packet daily.  I have laid out my calendar tab from this website for you so that you can pace yourselves using my online calendar.  Later, when I can upload some short lessons in video from Ms. Cook, our student teacher, you will find those videos on this site (hopefully).  This is all new to me too!  I know it's strange working from home but give it your best Pearl Pirate try!  Again, click on my calendar app right here from my teacher website and you will see an updated work calendar (just a pacing guide for your packets while you're at home).  Remember, you can email me at too. 

See you soon!

Mrs. Giles