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      Mrs. Leslie Poe           Mrs. Nikki Morris


    Mrs. Poe


    Mrs. Morris

    Instructional Assistant

    Teaching Experience

    22 years

    15 years

    Number of Children

    2 boys and 1 girl

    2 grandchildren 

    2 boys and 1 girl


    April 20th

    October 27th

    Favorite Colors

    Turquoise, Coral, Gray

    Blue, Green, Pink

    Favorite Drinks

    Water, Coffee, Coke

    Fiji water, Coke, Tea

    Favorite Snacks

    Fruit, Chocolate, Chips, Yogurt

    Cheeze-Its, Plain M&Ms, Salt and Vinegar Chips


    Drawing/Painting, Reading, Spending Time with Family

    Baseball, Gardening, Reading

    Favorite Stores

    Walmart, Target, Flawless, Hobby Lobby, Amazon

    Target, Amazon, Michaels

    Favorite Restaurants

    Half Shell, Amerigos, Chickfila, Frisco, Sonic

    Sonic, Amerigos, Frisco




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