• All selected members of both high school and junior high must report to a MANDATORY meeting on Tuesday February 19 at 630pm in the PHS library. A legal guardian is required to attend the meeting with each dancer. Your first deposit of $250 is due. NO EXCEPTIONS.


    Pearl High School Dance Team (*indicates competition team; A# indicates alternate number)

    A’Kiyah B-A3

    Lindsay B*

    Franny C*

    Tori D*

    Saylor F*

    Allyse H*

    Jadyn H-A2

    Audrey I*

    Alexus J-A4

    Emma Leighton J*

    Blake K*

    Hannah M-A5

    Alyssa Kate M*

    Aleyah M*

    Rebekah R-A1

    Antjuanque R*

    Kate R*

    Ashton S*

    Madi T*

    Zamiya W-A6


    Pearl Junior High School Dance Team

    Alaina G

    Samantha H

    Kai J

    Frankie L

    Allie M

    Jayden N

    Naomi N

    Claire P

    Kaitlyn R

    Kayliegh T

    Layton W

    Ava W