PHS Swim Team

  • Terri Houston

    Head Swim Coach

     Please contact the PPSD Athletic Office (601-939-7063) or email

    Coach Houston at with any questions.


    Eligibility - 70 average. Correct age limits. (see athletic handbook).

    Physical - required to update physical every year.  Must be on file in athletic office. Tell your swimmer to listen for announced times that MS Sports Medicine people offer FREE physicals. I will remind them as well. Physical forms are available in athletic office or on MS High School Athletic Association website,(see below).

    FORMS - Parent/guardian of the Swimmer must complete all appropriate forms on Dragonfly by the due date. Swimmer MAY NOT attend practice or meets until all forms are completed.


    Swim equipment - Jammers for boys and one piece suit for girls must be purchased by parent/guardian, specifications to be announced.  Swimmers must purchase goggles.  Additional swim equipment will be provided. Meet entry fees are paid by the athletic office. 

    IMPORTANT LINK all qualifying times are listed at this Mississippi High School Activities Association site.  These are for the South State and State Championship Meets in held in October and early November. 


Welcome to the World of Competive Swimming!

  • In high school, 7th -12th grade swimmers compete together. There are 4 basic strokes: Freestyle (crawl), Backstroke, Breast stroke, and Butterfly.  Not all swimmers will be competing in every category/event.  I will assess skill levels and decide which event best suits a swimmer.  Also, at the high school level, swimmers swim the width of the pool which is measured in yards, not meters.  The pool at the Lakeland Courthouse is 25 yards wide and 50 meters long.  So, if the event is 200 yd free, that means the swimmer will swim the width of the pool 8 times, using the freestyle stroke.

    Individual Medley (IM) and Medley Relay- The 200 yd IM is one swimmer swimming  a combination of the 4 strokes and they go in this order: fly, back, breast, free.  The Medley Relay is composed of 4 swimmers swimming a combination of the 4 strokes and they go in this order: back, breast, fly, free.