Pearl Public School District Board of Trustees


    PPSD School Board of Trustees

    Pictured seated left to right are Jill Havard; School Board Secretary Brad Hayes, D.M.D.; and Superintendent of Schools Raymond Morgigno, Ph.D..

    Standing are Board Attorney Arthur F. Jernigan; James Morris; Melissa Wade; and School Board President Andy Eaton.


    School Board meetings are held at

    Pearl Public School District Office located at 3375 Highway 80 East.

    Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 5:30 PM,

    unless otherwise noted on the District Calendar.


    Andy Eaton, Board President

    Brad Hayes, D.M.D., Board Secretary

    Board President

    Arthur F. Jernigan, Board Attorney

    James Morris

    Raymond Morgigno, Superintendent

    Jill Havard

    Melissa Wade


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