Health Services

  • If you have any questions concerning district policy of student health services, please contact Julie Thornton at

    Please see the excerpt from the school handbook below. 

    Medication and Treatments

    According to the Pearl Public School District‘s medication policy, certain medications and treatments can be given at school. These are medications and/or treatments for chronic and life-threatening conditions and medications that affect learning. The parent or guardian must meet the following requirements if a medication or treatment is to be given or performed at school: 1) sign a medication /treatment request form 2) provide authorization form or prescription from the student‘s physician 3) provide medication in an original labeled container, and 4) provide any supplies needed for treatments. These requirements must be met at the beginning of each school year and anytime prescription medications are ordered to be given during school hours. Students may not transport medications. All medications must be delivered to the school by the parent or guardian and given to the school nurse or office personnel. Pearl Public School District has the right to refuse to administer medication if these terms are not met. No Schedule II-V medications prescribed for pain or anxiety that cause mental impairment will be administered at school.  Medication patches that are WORN to school also require a signed medication/treatment request form and a signed health care provider’s order form be provided to the school.