• What are school hours?

    7:30-2:00 *A child not in his/her respective classroom by 7:30 a.m. is considered tardy except in the case of a late bus. Every WEDNESDAY is an early dismissal day. Students will be released from school starting at 1:30.

    What constitutes an excused absence?

    An excused absence is an absence due to a personal illness, a serious illness in the family, death in the family, or religious holiday or observance (with prior approval).  Please send a note to school with your child after an absence indicating the reason for the absence.

    What do I need to enroll my child?

    In order for a child to enroll in the Pearl Public School District, the student's parents/guardians must provide the information listed below. Upon receipt of this information, the school administration will make the appropriate classroom assignment.

    • Proof of the child's residence in accordance with the Student Verification of Residence Policy and state law.
    • A CERTIFIED birth certificate for the child.
    • An ORIGINAL immunization report issued through the family physician or through the health department.
    • Evidence of the student's social security number.
    • If you are a legal guardian of the student, you must also provide a copy of the court order appointing you as guardian.

    What are the residency requirements?

    The 1st proof must be item 1, 2, or 3; the 2nd proof must be item 4.

    1.  Filed Homestead Exemption Application form


    2. Mortgage documents or property deed for the custodial parent's or legal guardian's residence.


    3. Apartment or home lease with all occupants listed or a special rental form that must be obtained by the school needs to filled out by your landlord.


    4. Current utility bill (water, electricity, gas, land line telephone, or cable/direct TV).


    What is the cost of breakfast/lunch?

    Breakfast full price - $1.75; Breakfast reduced price - $0.30      

    Lunch full price - $3.00; Lunch reduced price - $0.40    

    How do I withdraw my child from school?       

    The parent or guardian should notify the school in writing or by phone when a child is being transferred to another school. The teacher will clear all textbooks and library books that the student has checked out and will fill out a withdrawal slip. However, the parent/guardian must come by the school and sign the withdrawal form. A copy will be given to the parent for admission into the new school.