• Welcome to Ms. Robinson's 5th Grade

    Science Class!

    Pearl Upper Elementary 

    Fill Your Stage

  • We are so excited about another great year in 5th grade science. You will be impressed by the knowledge your child gains this year. To help your child be successful, here are some things you should know. 

    • Unit tests- Each unit will conclude with a unit test. Tests will NOT be open book or open notes. Students will need to know the material and be able to apply what they know to answer questions. All science materials can come home to help students study. The weekly newsletter shows what pages in the textbook and STEMscopes book correspond with that unit. Science Journals will be an important tool for studying for tests. 
    • Vocabulary Tests- Each unit will have a vocabulary test before the unit test. We will make vocabulary cards to use as a study tool. 
    • Grades- Vocabulary tests, unit tests, and CASE tests will be major grades. All other grades are minor. 
    • Homework- We do not give homework every night. Encourage your child to use the terms we use in class. If they have to refer to their journal to help them explain, that is okay. 

    At the end of this school year, we will have a MAAP Science Test. It will cover everything we learn this school year.  

    Important Information:

    *Signed papers will go home every Monday. Please sign and return them on Tuesday. 

    **Students may take home workbooks and textbooks as needed. 

    ***Please be sure to send a small, non-messy snack and a water bottle with a screw on lid. We work while we eat snacks, so the less mess the better! : )

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