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    Mrs. Holder's 5th Grade Class

    Academic Vocabulary  

    1. Summary - a short retelling of a text that includes the main idea and key details of a

    text, or the important events and details of a text

    1. Summarize - to briefly retell in your own words the most important ideas, events and details of the text
    2. Event - something that happens in a story or in the natural world
    3. Detail - facts, examples, or other pieces of information in a text
    4. Problem - a challenge that the main character or characters face
    5. Solution - the answer to a problem; the way the main character resolve the conflict at the center of the story

    Academic Vocabulary Unit 1 

    1. Theme - an important message or lesson that an author wants to share about people or life
    2. Central Message - an important message about people or life that the author of the story wants to share.
    3. Character - a person, animal, or made up creature in a story
    4. Challenge - a problem or difficulty that needs to be solved
    5. Key Detail - an important fact, example, or other piece of information in a text that helps explain the main idea
    6. Determine - to find out or figure out something
    7. Support - to help explain or provide evidence of the main idea
    8. Stanza - several lines of a poem that are grouped together to form one part of the poem


    Academic vocabulary Unit 1 

    1. Inference - a conclusion, or idea you have about a text, based on detail in the text and your own background knowledge.
    2. Text Evidence - a detail, fact, or example in a piece of writing that can be used to support an idea
    3. Direct Quotation - the exact words that an author spoke or a speaker read

    Academic Vocabulary Unit 1 Lesson 4

    1. Drama - a story that is performed on a stage by actors
    2. Scene - a part of a play in which all the action takes place in the same setting; one or more senses make up each part of the play
    3. Dialog - the words that characters say in a story or a play
    4. Stage directions - instructions in a play that tell what actors should do, how actors should speak, and what should appear or be hidden on stage


    I am Mrs. Holder, your child's 5th grade ELA and Social Studies teacher. This is my 11th year to teach upper elementary students! I am excited about all the great things we learn all year long. 

    • Should you need to contact me, please email and I will do my best to respond as promptly as possible. School Status is a way for me to text you from the School Status App.
    • Check Active Parent for information regarding grades, discipline and attendance.
    • Our newsletter will contain homework and study guide information.
    • Planners should be a source of information at a classroom level. 

    I want to encourage students to always do their best, be kind and keep that Pirate Pride in all you do!

    Be on the lookout for new updates!

    Thank you!

    Mrs. Holder

    • Reminder: You have two days to turn in an excuse if your child has been absent.

      Please remember to send that with your child the day they return. 



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