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    Mrs. Holder's 5th Grade Class

    Vocabulary for the Week of January 18-21, 2022

    1. liberty: the condition of those who are free and independent; freedom

    2. opposed: to be against something; resist

    3. colonies: groups of people living in new communities

    4. patriot: a person who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests

    5. take a stand: to publicly express an opinion about something

    6. green: a grassy plain or plot of land

    7. prohibit: to forbid by authority or make impossible

    8. sentries: soldiers standing guard at a point of passage

    9. volley: a group of arrows or bullets passing through the air

    10. succession: a repeated following of a thing after another



    -an/-ian/-ese (noun or adjective): a person or describing a person

    Example: An American is a citizen of the United States.




    I am Mrs. Holder, your child's 5th grade ELA and Social Studies teacher and I am excited about all the great things we learn all year long. 

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    I want to encourage students to always do your best, be kind and keep that Pirate Pride in all you do! Be on the lookout for new updates!


    Thank you!

    Mrs. Dodie Holder 


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