•  2020-2021 5th Grade Quest School Year 

    Hi students! Hi parents! Mr. Jones here! I want to take the opportunity to welcome you to 5th grade Quest at Pearl Upper. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to be a part of your child's learning experience and help them reach their educational goals. I am equally excited that I have the opportunity to work with you parents. Parental involvement is one of the key ingredients needed in a child's educational success. This school year will look a little different than the normal one, but whether the instruction is virtual or in person, we will get through it together. I hope to make this school year one of your child's most memorable ones.  

    FYI:Did you know that the Gifted Education Program in Mississippi defines intellectually gifted children as those children and youth who are found to have an exceptional high degree of intelligence as documented through the identification process? Gifted learners, which includes your child,  think differently! Wow! This is awesome!

    Gifted learners have the ability to demonsrate mastery/understanding of skills at a much younger age and in greater depth and breadth than non-gifted learners. This is called asynchronous development. Just so you know, being gifted does not always mean a high degreee of intelligenice in academics. In Quest, we like to use the phrase "different types of smarts...like art smart, number smart, science smart." Your child could have high degrees of intelligence in other areas besides academics (i.e. Albert Einstein). 

     The Gifted Education Program's goal is designed to help students undestand what being gifted means. I want students to take what is being taught to them  and apply it to their everyday lives while supporting them of course. With this being said, the program meets the indivudal needs of gifted children. Instruction is personalized and differentiated based on student interests. At the begining of each year, student interest surverys are conducted. The information is used to design units and to explore the interests of students throughout the school year. We also 1) learn about the differnt types of smarts and 2) take a multiple intelligence survey  at the beginning of the school year. As the school year progresses, you can periodically check my website for current updated photos of challenges, units, lessons,  and activities that we are completing in class!  I'm looking forward to anothe great year! Happy Scrolling! 


    Stacking Encyclopedia Challenge

    Encyclopedia Challenge 1       Encyclopedia Challenge 2


    Encouraging Words for Teammates Cube



    Using Ink Chromotography to Solve a Crime (Forensic Science)

    Ink      Ink Ink


    Stem Challenge (Build a Bridge18 inches long out of 1 index card and 3 bandages)