• Induction & Mentoring Program

  • All beginning teachers in the district are supported during their first year of teaching through the Pearl Public School District Induction and Mentoring Program.  This program consists of three components:  orientation, sustained support, and professional development.

    The goals of the program include the following:

    • To help newly certified teachers feel welcomed as part of our buildings, district, and community
    • To provide emotional and professional support tailored to the needs of beginning teachers
    • To assist beginning teachers in their development toward becoming master teachers more quickly, thus improving student achievement
    • To offer opportunities for professional growth for master teachers through interaction with beginning teachers
    • To reduce the number of quality teachers leaving the district and the profession
  • We welcome to Pearl Schools our newest members of the profession: 

    ECEC:   Meghan Malone - Pre-Kindergarten

    PLE:      Jennifer McInnis - Kindergarten

                  Sarah Skaggs - 1st Grade

    PNE:      Brittany Dance - 3rd Grade

    PUE:      Payton Cook - 4th Grade ELA

                  Mary Beth Hayes - 5th Grade ELA

                  Anna Worsham - 5th ELA

    PJHS:    Caitlyn Dixon - Choral Music

    PHS:      Abbigail Lockwood - Science